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Designer Necklace Sets Online

Jewellery and accessories are the prime possessions of every fashion-forward women. Women like to have storage of jewellery and fashion accessories and choose their all-time favourites for a special occasion. In between all those glitters and sparkles, the closest jewel is necklace; it requires a special moment and mood to wear this most revered piece of jewel. There are different kinds of jewellery and so, you can find various types of necklaces out there. At Cippele, we honor your choicest picks and have brought you the latest collection of women necklace online. You can find necklaces made of various materials or metals that you like and a perfect fit for the occasion and event. Every design of our necklaces is expertly given in order to bring the brightest smile of satisfaction and happiness on your face. We know beauty better and thus, brought you all the latest range of necklaces that are recently worn or owned or demanded by celebrities, Bollywood actresses or influencers or the beauties out there.

Women love to wear a different kind of jewellery with different kind of outfits or dresses in order to get the perfect look. And necklaces give a tough competition and bring confusion at the time of selection. We make this selection hour easier for you by giving ample of choices and easy to apply filters. Choose online necklaces for women at Cippele by applying easy filters, as per your preferences of jewellery and accessories and find the most delectable piece of jewel that suits your budget. From oxidised jewellery to party wear jewellery; wedding jewellery or bridal jewellery set to casual pendants, at Cippele, you can find a wonderful range and at handsome price range as well.

Gorgeous Oxidised Necklaces on Sale at Cippele

Necklace set is a piece of jewellery which is thought to be the loveliest and closet to the heart possession of every woman. Worn around the neck by women in general, these are the pieces which come in various lengths, shapes, colours and materials. You can also find necklaces with your favourite stones or the stones that are lucky for you. As the choices are endless at Cippele, you can choose from various types of necklaces from here. The necklaces can be made up of a variety of metals like gold, silver, embedded with different colourful stones or kundans and gems. These neck jewels not only enhance your style statement but also boost your confidence.

Nowadays a lot of girls and women of different ages are trying new age’s neckpieces. One of the famous types is oxidised jewellery. These are great to wear with Indian traditional jewellery and come with a little bit of blackish tinge. Not just neckpieces, but this material can be found among the collection of earrings online as well. So, it is always a better choice to wear oxidised necklace with the same kind of earrings and other jewellery. Women who love to try a variety of jewellery definitely would like to experiment with oxidised necklaces available at Cippele. Our jewellery is not just the pretty tinkles in a jewellery shop but they are very much durable and worthy of their penny as well. We promise to provide you with the best so that you can enjoy a much richer beauty for a longer period of time.

As necklaces come in plain and designer styles, as per their choices, women can enjoy our beautiful collection of necklaces. We have a whole world of designer necklaces where their beauty defines our extricate making. We make sure to provide you with the best designs and latest styles so that you can be a profound owner of beautiful necklaces. Each and every necklace at the store of Cippele is intricately built to suit kaleidoscopic preferences, choices, personalities, and occasions. We understand that your choices mostly depend upon the event you are going to visit and your final look, and thus, bring the most versatile jewellery selection to keep you on an easy aisle.

Different Types of Necklaces For Women

If fashion is your genre then there is a big chance that jewellery also amuses you a lot. And because jewellery plays a special role in the appearance or outlook of a woman, it is of utmost importance the variety of jewellery is available in the market and the impact they can make on your looks.

For instance, necklaces are available in various types. Talk about their lengths, stone embossing, the material used in the making and etc., they all together the beauty to work just perfectly for the wearer. From naulakha haar or navratna haar to kundan necklace or traditional bridal necklace, a necklace is a piece of art that dramatically transforms every woman into a queen at the time. So, buckle up and let’s sieve into the world of necklaces and their different types to understand them better and to make your shopping much easier.

Bridal Necklace Set

This is one of the most sought after traditional types of necklace, worn by the Indian brides at the time of the wedding. Also known as princess necklace, these are almost between 17 and 19 inches in length. But the length can be adjusted by the designers as per the likes or choice of the bride. Bridal necklaces and sets are available from light to heavy designs and can be complemented as per the designer's bridal dress. A heavy bridal set can add all the sparkle that you might wish to dazzle at a wedding or special event.

Opera Necklace Set

Add perfect drama to your complete look by opting for Opera necklaces. Adjoined with a very delicate strand, these necklaces mostly come with precious or semi-precious stones, gems or pearls. Then it can have a length of 26 to 36 inches and also can be styled in so many different ways. You can wear it as a single strand and make it a pretty long necklace to wear with your long black dress and high heels or can choose it to wear as a double-stranded and fashion it like a two-strand choker. You can also knot it up at the neckline to pose with it as a vintage actress at a cocktail party.

Multi-coloured String Necklace

This type of necklaces for women come with various designs. You can find stones or beads or pearls sewed in a simple yet lovely piece of multi-stringed necklace. They look with Bohemian dresses or dresses that are more tend to be casual. They could add an unexpected twist to your plain white or light coloured dresses. So, the next time, when you have an invitation to attend a party which have a theme to wear white or light coloured dresses, catch up the dress and add stars with multi coloured string necklace.

Thread Necklace

Quite favourite of modern or contemporary loving women, thread necklaces generally come with a typical bunch of black threads and oxidised metallic designer pendants. This is one of the most stylish types that gel with Indian traditional dresses, bohemian dresses, Indo-western dresses as well as with western dresses. This type of necklaces come in a variety of lengths and shapes or designs. So, the next time you find yourself in a pretty confusion state when buying jewellery online, choose a thread necklace from Cippele.

Bib Necklace

Just like its names, this necklace covers up your yoke just alike bib covers the part of a baby. This is also one of the choicest jewellery among women of great fashion choices. Not like chokers, but these necklaces are pretty short in length and look best with dresses that have amazing designs and work patterns. You can wear this type of necklace with your favourite top or Kurti, gown, saree and etc.

Stylish Chokers

One of the most famous and favourite in this list, chokers are the heartthrob of many fashion-forward women of today. These necklaces are worn close to the neck and have a little bit smaller length as compared to others. Chokers look great when worn with casual to formal evening wear. Be it a cocktail party event or formal high collar parties, chokers can serve as the sexiest assemble along with perfect outfit and accessories. You can also wear your favourite traditional dress like lehenga choli or sarees and step forward like a showstopper.

Collar Necklace

Just like its name, these necklace covers a pretty much area of your collar bone and beneath. These are a great choice to wear with the traditional dress which has deep kameez or Kurti or blouses. Collar necklaces are around 12 inches long and come pearls and precious or semi-precious stones. This type of necklaces at Cippele is a great way to make a fashion-forward statement.

Matinee Necklace

This the type of necklaces that offer a plunging effect and have almost 22 inches of length. Women who wish to have necklaces that will go well with almost any kind of outfit can choose a matinee necklace. One can also find this type of necklace in oxidised necklace styles online at Cippele. This collection of beautiful necklaces are designed in a way that will comfortably sit just above the bust line. They often come with embellished stones or beads.

Oxidised Necklace

Oxidised necklaces are a little bit heavy due to the type of metal or material used in the making. They cover the entire area just above the bust and look awesome when worn with bohemian assembles. Add extravaganza to a high collar party or an evening look by wearing plastron necklace with gowns, Indowestern dresses, Bohemian dresses, western dresses and traditional dresses including sarees, salwar suits or lehenga cholis. These can also be worn with a simple Kurti or top and dress.

How To Buy Online Necklaces From Cippele

Our gorgeous collection of necklaces come with a variety of choices. Whether it is a talk about the type of stone, material used or the length, the beauty of our online necklaces for women can always bedazzle you while shopping. So stop your confusion battle while shopping and get a deeper understand on ‘How To Buy Online Necklaces’ to enjoy a perfect necklace collection from us. Here are the tips that you should consider before shopping online necklaces:

Length: With a wider variety, the option of choosing a necklace as per their lengths is also wide. Necklaces with shorter lengths such as choker or bandhgala look good on slim and long necks, whereas Sita haar or thread necklaces are versatile and look good on women of various shapes and sizes. Also, the type of dress should be in your mind while choosing the necklace’s length. It will determine the overall appearance.

Style: This is one of the most important reason, why you should have a collection of various types of necklaces in your jewellery closet. From casual to contemporary, traditional to designers, various types are necklaces are designed in order to fit in different occasions, events or moods. For instance, chokers will do great when worn with a dazzling evening party gown for a high collar occasion. You can choose any style as per the style of your outfit and the occasion.

Outfits’ Neckline: The neckline of your outfit will definitely impact the necklace you will be wearing. For instance, chokers will not good on the high collar or spread collar blouses or tops. Choose online oxidised necklaces to wear with the latest collection of Indowestern dresses or sarees, buy online collar necklace to wear with V-necks, boat necks, and off-shoulder tops or blouses.

The Colour: The material used in the making of your necklace determine a lot of factors such as – colour, weight, and etc. There are also oxidised necklace sets that showcase bronze or rusty golden colour at Cippele to let you have a world of options when buying necklaces online.

Stunning Online Collection Of Necklaces

Cippele has brought you a platter of choicest jewellery and jewellery sets. In this category, you can discover the latest trend of necklaces for women where the artist of Cippele is showcasing the mastered art of making necklaces for beauties out there. Cippele is at your disposal to offer high-quality necklace designs and crafting in an effort to make you stand out in style.