High Heels

High Heels


High Heels for High Collar Fashion

“The higher the better. It’s more about an attitude. High heels empower women in away.” – Christian Louboutin.

And this famous saying is just so true with every inch of it. Women love to wear heels and seeing their face while wearing them, you can easily tell them that they are oozing out with confidence. Women’s heels are bound to provide lots and lots of them with an additional advantage of giving height. The best way to look ravishing and to raise a woman’s glam quotient is a pair of high heels. Depending on the comfort level you wish to have for the occasion or want to compliment your outfit or dress. Check out at the prolific range of high heels and wedges at Cippele and get an exhaustive line of options; be it colour, design, soles, heel height, work pattern, or platform style, at Cippele, you get what you have dreamt for.

High heels are a quintessential part of every woman’s fashion closet. Not only designed to make you look beautiful and stylish, but an intrinsically tailored pair of high heels also have a bigger responsibility than just them. Good designed high heels are made to make you feel comfortable throughout your journey. When paired with your favourite ensemble, high heels look ravishing. Just strut on with confidence and you are halfway done to look like a diva. Be it summer, winter or lovely springtime, at Cippele, we have high heels for women online to celebrate each and every time of the year. The complementing game should be on point because they can give you real look goals.

Cippele High Heels For Every Occasion & Time

Be it long outing or a fashion show visit, be it for a rough and tough road or a red carpet, at Cippele, you can find an exhaustive range of high heels. As you know each and every type of heels not just look different but they are actually playing a very different role as per the requirement. For instance, a pair of wedges is really a good choice to pick, if you wish to walk on a long and rough runway while being highly comfortable. The platform of wedges provide high balancing formula and thus quite safe to run as well. Well, you can’t imagine running wearing stilettos or pumps; instead of them, you can choose online wedges if you are a novice and wish to give the heels a pretty try. Wedges are not only safe but the wide platform and heel space to grab fanciful patterns as well. At Cippele, you can find a beautiful range of heels and wedges with amazing designs to explore. As per your requirement, choose online heels and wedges for women here and save money. You can select heel’s height as they are provided clearly in the description. Also, Cippele provides free shipping and 7-day return or exchange policy. The cash on delivery is also provided and is free on orders above INR 999. Isn’t this great!?

How to choose heels & wedges as per the occasion?

Party time: Pumps and stilettos are thought to be sexiest picks if you are up for the party times. The heart of the hour requires you to look hotter than your casual or any other time and stilettos or pups can give a perfect look to your overall appearance. The heel heights of these heels are quite high. So, if you are afraid of walking with such heights but want to give it a try, kitten heels, cone heels, wedges or platform heels will be the perfect ones. They will let you play the game while being on the safe side.

Office hours: Let’s create some serious drama with our collection of formal heels and wedges. Choose wedges, kitten heels, oxford heels (derived from oxford shoes and come with cute little heels) and peep-toe heels. They will provide you with a serious and confident look while you will strut all around the space with a high comfort quotient.

Formal party: This type of party always wants you to get a bossy yet sexy look. And for this type of look, cone heels are for sure the correct pick. They can never go wrong when you wear with a pencil skirt and loose blouse. Keep your hair loose and don’t forget to wear a sassy perfume for the final magic on loose.

Date time: Are you going to meet that special person? Well pick your stilettos and let the fire loose near him! Well, if you are meeting in a restaurant, stilettos are just perfect but in any case, sitting and eating isn’t in your plan, pick pumps or strapped cone heels will be the perfect choice for any fashion-forward woman.

Special time: Well, a special time can be a date or like a BFFs day out or long-awaited wedding. Check out a comfortable collection of wedges at Cippele and wear something comfortable to be able to do just anything you that come up to your heart. 

Festive Time or Wedding Occasion: Festive and wedding occasions demand a little more of everything and thus being comfortable should be the priority along with sassiness. To solve this dilemma, buy online platform heels, slingback heels, and peep toes from the store of Cippele. Find beautiful designs and work patterns as per the look of your designer lehenga, western dress or bridal saree. You can also get glitter sandals or embroidered heels from our designer couture of heels & wedges.

College hours: If you are a famous and high spirited girl in your college, definitely you would be on your heels. Choose a reliable kind of heels that will never cease to fail while making you feel comfortable. Check out comfy kitten heels, wedge sandals, ankle strap heels, or cone heels for a seamless journey.   

Be it a fun outing with friends or the most awaited meeting with your babe, heels are your best fashion companions. At Cippele, we are host to a collection of exclusive heels and wedges featuring the latest designs from the best manufacturers and brands in India. You will find the most affordable high heels price range at Cippele. So, what are waiting for! Hop in and shop online for great quality footwear for women that are crafted to perfection.

Know Your Various Types Of High Heels

Making a wise decision of buying online heels and wedges can be tough at Cippele because you are provided with an exhaustive range of them. But before making a buying decision, it is very important to understand the type of heel you are actually required. Buy high heels online, which are not only beautiful looking but possess comfortable heel pads and reliable heels and platform. For a better understanding of the type of heels that you should buy, have a quick look at the types of heels available online.

Stilettos: These are the most popular type of heels among fashion-forward women. This type of heels is generally thin, long high heels, and quite higher than most other types of heels available for women. If you love boots, the stilettos are also available in boots, which you can vehemently flaunt in Winter days. Stilettos are considered to be ultra-fashionable and especially loved by models, celebrities and fashionable women out there.

Platform Heels: This type of heels are a personal favourite of many fashion-forward women who love to wear heels but without compromising the comfort quotient. These heels have a thicker part under the soles, under the toe part. They give you a more balanced walk. So, whether you are walking on the red carpet or zig-zag textured path, these heels will help you to walk in the heels like a pro. You can find them with straps such as ankle straps, slingback straps and etc. Check out the latest designs and amazing closures of heels and wedges online at Cippele.

Kitten Heels: Kitten heels are generally the shortest type of heels in this category. They have thin and shorter heels which are quite adequate for the generous meetings, formal events or 9-5 hours. They were first introduced in the 1950s and are still in fashion. You can find a variety of designs and colours in them at Cippele.

Wedges or Wedges Sandals: If comfort quotient is the topmost factor in your fashion list, then buy wedges online from Cippele. These heels are unique high heels that have extended sole from the middle or front of the footwear to the back of the footwear. These extended forms of soles form a curved wedge making your strutting and cat walking the sassiest and comfy.

Block Heels: These heels are chunky high heels which are usually short and like uniform, blocks have been placed just under the back soles. These pretty heels are quite versatile as they can be worn in the office, serious conferences, semi-formal meetings and etc.

Stay Beautiful With Gorgeous Heels

Cippele brings you a collection of spellbinding high heels range online. Get prolific colours, designs, patterns, and soles at our store and find them by applying various filters. Check out stunning bright shades, pastel colours, latest trendy designs, and eye-catching solid hues on our heels and wedges collection online for women. To match every personality and your precious occasions, we have chosen heels in our section. Explore the aisle of heels & wedges at Cippele and avail mind-blowing discounts and great prices.

Charm your significant other by wearing a pair of strapped flamingo heels from Cippele. You can also wear black glitter heels with straps as a closure to wear with a black dress or formal dresses to look ravishing throughout the time. Wear platform high heels with shell design to complement a decorative long skirt and an embroidered fitted blouse. The kitten heels will look great with a mid-length floral printed dress or frocks. You can also wear them with jumpsuits or playsuits. These are also a great selection if you are planning for a playful outing. Check out cone heels or platforms heels or glitter heels or pumps in elegance at Indian functions. Choose gold-toned, beige, or silver colours for these heels at such occasions. They will look apt when donned with wedding saree or lehenga cholis. Accessorize your complete outfit with shimmer folded clutches and hoop earrings to complete the glamorous look. Cippele brings you the best high heels with high-quality tailoring right to your doorstep so that you can live up to your fashion standards!

Plethora Of Colours For Different Times

Do you know that different occasion and time requires a particular code of colour? Well, yes! As it sounds strange, the reality is actually a lot more real. For instance, if you are going to your office and finish off your complete outfit by wearing a shimmer yellow coloured stilettos with your formal dress, you may be called to have ‘loud choice’! At the end of the day, it is your choice but as you know that every place has a notion of wearing particulars, office or formal place is the best place to wear pastel or dim colours. Some of the best thought colours are black, brown, marsala, tan, beige, and similar type of colours.

The times when you can showcase best your love for colours are a wedding or festive occasion in India. A big fat Indian wedding isn’t like a western Christian wedding where you may notice girls in pastel or white gowns and pastel coloured heels. In Indian weddings, women love to showcase the love for colours not only through the plethora of dresses but also through an amazing collection of designer heels. Wear glitter heels like pumps, stilettos, platform heels and avoid wearing strapped heels as most of the Indian traditional dresses are of the ankle or floor length and there are almost negligible chances of seeing the strap. Flaunt your sassy heels and their bold heights. At the house of Cippele, you can explore the wedding collection of heels and wedges at an affordable range and prices.

Choose your preferred high heels from our wide array of footwear and be the showstopper of every event.