Cippele for Fashion

Cippele for Fashion

How to take your daily look from ordinary to extra-ordinary
I personally feel that looking fabulous daily is as important as looking great at any event or party because it adds to your confidence, it says a lot about you and it is easy.
So today I’m going to let you in on the big secret and share easy-to-follow tips to enhance your daily looks.
Almost every third girl I see, wears jeans and tops and why not, it is a big time saver. So to make sure I do stand out, I always add one or two  tiny accessories. Like with a white top and blue jeans, you can add  a long necklace, a funny quote badge,   unique earrings like ear hook or  a nose pin to step up a bit. I recently found some good nose pins online on sale that you can check out.
nose pin

Wear different hairstyles
Your hairstyle can easily transform your look and thanks to Youtube, there are a lot videos to help you master different hairstyle or add something new to the ones you already know.
Wear clean and ironed clothes
Casual or messy look doesn’t mean wearing dirty clothes. It may not seem much but paying a little attention here goes a long way. Plus, you certainly do not want someone to notice you and then notice a dirt line.
Get a variety of colors
This one is easy and next time shop online or at a store don’t forget to look for different colors available for your favorite top. If you see something new, try it out. Also this will help you to mix and match better.
Keep different types of footwear
When you are shopping for footwear, don’t just shop for the regular jutti, sneakers or heels. Add Loafers, Mules and Gladiators to maintain variety. They are easy to match and usually have good color options.
You may not count this one but I strongly believe that the most important way to look good is to feel good. So I make sure that I give my day a good start. I mostly watch a short standup comedy video while on my way to work and this daily ritual is working really well for me so you may try it out.
    Let me know if any of these work for you or if you have a question about this post 
    See you soon.
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