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Flat 10% off on every purchase.Coupon Code: CIPPELE10
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Fashion Jewellery

Sparkling Range Of Fashion Jewellery for Every Queen

Celebrate womanhood with the privilege of earthly beauties such as gems, stones, and precious metals. Decorate your beauty with a pretty range of fashion jewellery and ornaments from the house of Cippele. The womanly charm is very unique and delicate as well and thus, at Cippele, our designers bring you the most exquisitely handcrafted jewellery ranges. We have an exhaustive range of designer jewellery for women online to fit every occasion and mood of yours. Be it party time, casual time or special dates, our pretty jewellery collection will surely make you feel proud.

The styles, trends and intricate designs of jewellery have evolved a lot since its discovery. They all have evolved over a million years and thus, the shape or design you are holding carries the taste of many years and ancestors. The early age depictions of fashion jewellery were stones and shells and when it gets advanced, the jewellery using metals like copper, gold, silver, diamond, platinum, etc. were then worn by both men and women. Since then, these have been used to reflect the societal status, rejoice the beauty and uplift the natural beauty of every woman. Isn’t it the most interesting thing?

Online Collection of Women Jewellery

Cippele brings you a fantastic opportunity to shop online for women's jewellery in India. We breathe pride in bringing the most authentic type of women jewellery among you while depicting India’s vast heritage and revered designs. Cippele brings you a variety of modern and antique jewellery to choose from. Get set ready for the compelling range of contemporary jewellery designs that will leave you mesmerised and let you become a proud owner of jewellery set from Cippele. Bling on like a real jewel and choose like a queen from our online store because true jewellery isn’t just always about looks but the feeling that holds your pride together.

From contemporary jewellery to designer tribal jewellery for your special days, our collection of online jewellery for women will startle you because for everyone we have something special to offer. If you love oxidised jewellery, we have an exhaustive collection which will satisfy your beauty needs and if love to own rich and royal wedding jewellery, Cippele is the right place to explore more stunning choices. So, be ready to be spoiled with choices and assorted range of types of artificial jewellery.

Every jewellery speaks a different story and when it comes to bejewel a specific part of your body such as nose, temples, ears, neckline, wrist, ankle and etc., choose wisely to reflect your persona as divine. For instance, an intricately sculpted artificial jewellery set can perfectly imitate its metallic counterparts in quality and elegance. Cippele bestows women with a stunning collection of imitation jewellery to rule the modern world. Choose from the range of kundan jewellery, Meenakari jewellery, polka jewellery, chip necklaces, stone-studded anklets, beaded jewellery, stone jewellery, gold-plated bangles, antique necklaces, kundan maang tikka, brass jewellery, oxidised jewellery, nose pins, chiselled rings and others at an astounding range of price. All emitting a royal grandeur, our collection of online jewellery are available in a variety of lengths and sizes.

Different Looks with Different Types Of Jewellery

Choosing from an exhaustive range of women designer jewellery is not at all an easy task and require as much knowledge as in the case of shopping any other categories. Not only we are bringing the latest and traditional style of online jewellery in India, but we also tell you which one would look best as per your personality, complexion, occasion, body structure and contemporaries. A selection of fashion jewellery in your wardrobe doesn’t need to be set aside until the occasion comes and the style of the jewellery should be in a way to be worn at different times and occasions. But be sure every time you wear it, it should make you feel like your entourage. So, let’s get it started towards the understanding of the different kinds of designer jewellery for women more:

Maang Tikka: One of the most prominent jewel possession of any bride, this jewellery is used to be worn on the forehead. It consists of a single or layered metallic string(s) attached with a matching pendant at its one end. This pendant could be of any size and shape, can be adorned with precious or semi-precious stones. There are various kinds of maang tikkas available online such as multiple layered maang tikka, single strand maang tikka, side maang pasha or maang tikka and etc. There are also maang tikkas which come along with jhoomars or hanging ear jewellery. At Cippele, you can do both; means you can buy them individually or as a combo set as well. A long time ago, they were worn by brides in India but nowadays, women attending another’s wedding can also compliment her outfit with a contemporary maang tikka.

BaajuBand: This type of jewellery has also come from a very old era of time. And at that time, women usually used to wear these armlets on casual or just at no-occasions as well. These traditional baajubands are worn on the upper arm. They consist of a gold or silver string with matching chips or beads or pendants with a variety of shapes and sizes.

Anklets: As its name suggests, they are worn at the ankles. They are also just like the baajubands, which is a string attached with matching chips or beads or pendants with a variety of shapes and sizes. And they can be worn single (just on one anklet) or on both anklets. Modern women love to showcase the beauty of their anklet choices by wearing it on one ankle.

Bracelets & Bangles: Most usual kind of jewellery which doesn’t need any permission for the type of dress you are wearing, bracelets can be worn with just any kind of outfit. Be it a western dress or Indian traditional dress such as lehengas, bridal sarees, salwar suits, modern kurtis and etc., they look good at any occasion. Whereas bangles are more bent towards Indian traditional dress types and look good when worn with its contemporaries such as Indian traditional necklace, earrings and etc.

Choker Necklaces: Choker necklace, pendants and chains are all very different from each other. Each has their designated purposes; for instance, necklaces sets are more suitable to wear with Indian traditional dresses such as wedding sarees, online salwar suits, bridal lehengas, whereas, chokers can be worn with both traditional and western dresses. Chokers are a style which has been evolved a lot since its inception and were once worn by the royal status persons only. On the other hand, pendants are the most casual and sweetest ensemble to wear on your neckline. They have medium length and suitable to wear with any kind of dresses.

Handcuff or Haathphool: This is one of the major Indian bridal jewellery and inclusion of her complete jewellery combo set. It consists of several rings attached with a bangle through several strings or chains.

Rings: As easy as it sounds, these are the simplest types of jewellery which can be worn at just any occasion and with any kind of dress. But be aware of the type of ring you are wearing with a variety of dresses. For instance, stone studded and Indian traditional designed rings are conventionally worn with Indian dresses and modern designer rings are versatile enough to complement with just any kind of outfit. 

Stylish Earrings: Just like the rings, designer earrings also come in various sizes and shapes, traditional and modern designs. You can say that, this type of fashion jewellery holds the most different kind of variety such as jumkas, chaand baali, hoop earrings, stud earrings, polki earrings, drop earrings, chandelier designer earrings, jhumars, dangler earrings, huggies, ear cuffs, threader, cluster earrings, tear drop earrings and many more. Choose stylish earring sets from the house of Cippele and match it with your dress and occasion you are going to. Apart from the styles, they also have different types of closures or back types; some of the most common types are push backs, screw backs, fish hooks and levers.

Indian Traditional Jewellery Designs To Dazzle Yourself With

Cippele you a range of jewellery that showcases the beauty of Indian traditional designs as well as the melding of contemporary art. You can see the hybrid jewellery designs in oxidised jewellery and beaded jewellery. Be it bridal jewellery or tribal jewellery or oxidised jewellery or silver jewellery, every other kind of women jewellery holds a special place and time in a woman’s life and to grasp their importance, we need to go deeper. 

To understand completely the beauty of Indian jewellery, let’s discuss the type of Indian jewellery designs that have bedazzled our most special days and made women feel like a star.

Bridal Jewellery: Be it any bridal dress such as wedding lehenga, bridal saree or bridal salwar suit and etc., bridal jewellery is something that adds stars to any bride’s looks. Bridal jewellery is the combo set of many different types of basic jewellery including necklace, earrings, maang tikka and etc. and they all have master class finishing with precious or semi-precious stones.

Antique Jewellery:  If you have a religious occasion or home town festival or similar occasions or even a wedding, this is where you can wear antique jewellery. They have interesting colours and modish patterns or designs that are way back old but add panache to your look.

Bead Jewellery: In this type of jewellery, the beads are mostly crafted with Gold, Copper, Ivory, Silver, multi-coloured paints and other metals. Explore a subtle range of beaded Jewellery for each occasion only at Cippele.

Handmade jewellery: Nowadays, oxidised jewellery combo sets have drawn special attention of fashion forward women because they are exquisitely handmade jewellery. They are prepared by you using some stunning stones and motifs.

Kundan Jewellery: Originated from Rajasthan, this type of jewellery was famous among royals but now can be worn by women visiting special events. Thy showcase intrinsic designing style, colossal colour combination and colourful Meenakari on the other end.

Meenakari Jewellery: They are famous for their Meenakari work and precious stones enamelled with gold in the making. Choose your Indian traditional attire and shop for fashionable and latest Meenakari Jewellery set from the online store of Cippele.

Tips To Pick Right Jewellery

Women find jewellery always fascinating and as they are provided with various kind of online jewellery, they have the freedom to choose them as per their dress, occasion, weather or mood. But the ‘choosing the jewellery’ can be a hard time for serious fashion people. So, here we are with the right tricks to choose the right kind of jewellery online while elevating your looks.

  • Choose the right jewellery as per the type of metal inclusion and gemstone used in the formation. Make sure they are going well with your skin complexion.
  • Also, not all type of makeup goes well with every kind of jewellery. For instance, dark and heavy makeup won’t gel with beaded jewellery and nude makeup won’t look good with silver jewellery. Choose nude makeup with heavy jewellery and vice versa.
  • The most important thing is the attire or dress you are wearing with the type of jewellery for the occasion. Western dresses require to be worn with simplistic and light contemporary jewellery whereas, traditional dresses look good with heavy jewellery such as meenakari jewellery, polka jewellery. There are also some jewellery which are versatile such as oxidised jewellery and silver jewellery. These look good on any kind of attire but balancing them is important in here as well.
  • Comfort level always comes first, thus choose as per your mood and tolerate power. Don’t go for heavy jewellery if you aren’t comfortable or feeling confident in them well.
  • There are also some jewellery sets or combo sets which provide a royal glare and can be matched up with both western and traditional dresses – pearl jewellery sets and diamond jewellery sets.
  • The type of event you are visiting also plays an important role while choosing the right jewellery online. If it is a formal event, always choose sober and light in weight jewellery. Multi-layered designer jewellery should be avoided in these cases. If it is a big fat Indian wedding party, you can spoil yourself as much as you like and choose from the range of heavy to light jewellery sets.
Cippele has something for everyone. So, hop in now and get ready to be spoiled with wonderful options of online jewellery at an exciting price range.