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Explore a woman’s wardrobe and you may find a beautiful collection of earrings. Each and every pair of earrings are there to be selected for special occasions. Be it a 9-5 office time or a laid back hour at home, a designated earring pair is essential for every woman. You don’t need to be a fashion influencer of the year to own different types of earrings but women with minimalistic choices can also flaunt their love for earrings. And why not! In India, you can own various types of earrings for different occasions. For instance, big & lavish jhumkis look amazing with traditional Indian dresses such as lehengas, sarees, salwar suits and they can be worn at festivals or big fat Indian weddings. Now, if we talk about Indian traditional jhumki earrings, there are exhaustive types of jhumkis that are different in their size, thickness, heaviness, stone assembling, work patterns, etc.

A woman’s personality and choice of lifestyle are best defined by her collection of jewellery and one of the most important arrays is ‘types of earrings’. The times, when you wish to ditch your necklace when donning a beautiful Indian dress, the earring is the only jewellery that can spiff up your look. Wearing a simple or plain pair of stud earrings with a pair of shorts can add oomph to your style statement. Thus, in the case of jewellery in a woman’s wardrobe, they have been given the highest reward. Ever since ancient times, jewellery has played a crucial role in a woman’s life. From necklace to earrings, maang tikka to anklets, accessories are like the vitamins of the fashion world. Just like every other piece of jewellery, earrings also hold a special place. One cannot compare it with the beauty of necklace or maang tikka but a pair of designer earrings can make an incomparable fashion statement.

Why Earrings Are So Special?

Every piece of jewellery has its own story to tell and they can vehemently narrate themselves when donned properly with an appropriate dress and makeup and aligned with other accessories such as footwear, bags, etc. Even a pair of little earrings also tell a lot of your choice or personality. They reflect their detailed making and complements what is already there in your personality. These simple accessories not just complement your beauty but also complete your look without the need for any other jewellery. Remember the college days, when you just fix a right pair of earrings and head straight out with confidence. A perfect choice of earrings gives a proper finish to your overall appearance. If you are at the beginning of setting up your own jewellery box, earrings must be the first jewellery that you can collect without any source of doubt. Even if you accidentally buy earrings online, you will definitely find an occasion when it will suit your overall outfit. Any type of earrings is the easiest possession for any woman.

Earrings inside the jewellery box are like garam masala in the box of spices. It just adds flavour and heat to any dish. Earrings are the perfect blend of all the right things. For every face shape, you ought to keep a right pair of earrings. Stud earrings are the most common type and the most versatile as well. They can be worn by women from any age group, social status and any face shape. People with high-class social status like to wear pearl stud earrings. They are sophisticated and not as bling as diamond earrings but amazingly elevate the beauty of every woman. Other kind earrings are also there which are more conventional yet embraced by the modern because of its undeniable beauty; and that is about jhumkis. Jhumki earrings are the favourite of almost every other woman in India. They add panache when worn with Indian dresses and now, women love to do fusion with jhumkis as well. They can wear them with Indowestern dresses to add more stars to their look. At Cippele you can buy an assorted range of earrings in various lengths, weights, and designs. Hop in and start exploring the wonders of earrings!

Different Types Of Earrings To Choose

One of the favourite parts of the world of earrings is that there are numerous types of them. And they can be worn with various types of dresses and at occasions; so, solving the purpose. But before hopping in, a fashion curious woman requires to understand the variety of earrings available online and when they can be adorned. Let’s start to understand the specialty of each and every type of earrings at Cippele.

Traditional Jhumkas

Jhumkis is one of the most commonly chosen earrings by both fashion-forward and orthodox women. It all depends on the type of jhumkas you are selecting. With amazing traditional patterns and stones embedded, various lengths and weights, these jhumkas are worn on various occasions. They make a perfect accessory and can spiff up your look in a jiffy. Wear them with nude makeup and focus on eye makeup for the magnificent effect.

Cluster Earrings

This pair looks similar to the stud earrings but in reality, they have a lot of difference. These are the traditional earrings which are typically worn with salwar suits, wedding sarees or plain lehengas. Earning you the most minimalistic award in the event, cluster earring is light in weight and always easy to carry. These are perfect for family functions and formal events that require you to gear up without being flashy.

Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are the most common type of earrings that must be present at the jewellery closet of every woman. These earrings can be easily slipped on at every day. Wear them with western shorts and a tank top or kurtis & jeans, they will always make you feel well captured and beautiful.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are available in various designs and additional styles such as pom poms or metallic chips coloured beads, etc. at Cippele. Hoops are in vogue since its inception because of its versatility. As per its design, they can be worn with western, Bohemian or Indowestern and traditional Indian dresses. The closure of these earrings doesn’t show much variety and the most popular one is clutch closure.

Dangler Earrings

As its name suggests, dangler earrings dangle up to a great inch from the ears. They are mostly available in the oxidised metal and with various work patterns or designs. Add a bit of oomph to your style with the help of a sleek pair of danglers. Wear it with your best red cocktail dress and bring fire tonight.

Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are known for their typical designs and Indian traditional work patterns. These are the conventional earrings that are worn with wedding sarees or bridal dresses. When it comes to the topic of chandelier earrings, they always make a remarkable statement among all. Paired it with your designer Anarkali or wedding saree and put on sheer makeup to spiff up the glam.

Drop Earrings

They also portray their name very well as they have dropped like shape pendant at the very end. This is a pair of earrings which can let you down. Be it a cocktail party or just a casual visit at a friend’s party, a lavish wedding event or a formal party where is required to look sophisticated. It adds the right amount of charm and style.

Ear cuffs

They look minimalistic but on the contrary, they are the most appealing pair of ear jewellery. Wear it just one or as a complete pair, ear cuffs beautifully exist in both modern and conventional fashion worlds. Brides or bridesmaids love to wear this piece with their most catchy dresses and one can also wear it at a beach party. You can find them with amazing beads, precious & semi-precious stones, metallic patterns, etc. 

Feather Earrings

If you have a fantastic Bohemian dress and wish to pose like a stunner, grab a pair of feather earrings from the house of Cippele. These earrings are available in multicolours. As they are light in weight and easy to wear, women love to wear them with their favourite outfits.

Huggie Earrings

Apart from chic styles and wedding jewellery, huggie earrings are also close to the heart of those women who are not that fond of girly jewellery styles. Some women like to wear them single with their Emo style and western style dresses. So, get set ready to add a bling to your casual style with huggie earrings.

Chandbalis Earrings

Just like its name, Chandbali earrings depict the half-moon design which is then ensemble with various stones. For every occasion and mood, there is a chand bali earrings style at Cippele. Wear them with traditional dresses such Anarkali suits, Indian gowns, sarees, lehengas, salwar suits and kurtis. You can easily ditch your necklace when wearing this as it covers all sides and lends you utter beauty with a minimalistic touch.

Designer Earrings on Sale At Cippele

If you like pop style earrings, don’t wait for any more to explore the world of Cippele. Women who have a keen interest in traditional earrings such as jhumkis, chand balis or polka earrings or wedding jewellery set, Cippele is the perfect place to choose your gem. So there is now no need to roam around day and night in the flea markets in search of an affordable yet latest and stylish pair of earrings; just hop in at Cippele and find yourself a collection of stylish women earrings at an affordable rate. Buy online traditional earrings, jewellery earrings and other kinds of fashionable earrings online and flaunt your beauty like a diva. Free from the hassle of hunting offline for long hours because, with Cippele’s stunning and latest collection, you can now browse online for earrings and their variety of styles, fashion, and materials. Here’s a glimpse into Cippele’s exquisite collection of beautiful women’s earrings; for every occasion, mood, style, to match every outfit, makeup and personality as well.

Collection of Online Wedding Set

Is the upcoming wedding invitation is just a few days away? No worries!

At Cippele, you can buy the latest and trendy range of wedding sets, jewellery combo sets, and lavish bridal earrings. Even if the day of the event is so near, Cippele’s delivery and shipping service can deliver your product at the doorstep within the time period promised.

Be the best-dressed bridesmaid! Don a beautiful pair of Gold-toned chaand bali earrings with white & golden border saree or wear gold-toned and stone studded traditional jhumkis with a red coloured bridal saree. You can also wear them with a shimmery bridal lehenga or wedding lehenga and partially open hair. The options are many and with our collection of quality earrings online, you will glow like a star.

Face shapes also do matter when choosing the type of earrings online. For instance, women with long or oblong shape face should avoid thread earrings, feather earrings or drop earrings but they will look stunning when wearing cluster earrings, jhumkis, hoop earrings and etc. Women with round and small face shape would look good with drop earrings, chandelier earrings, and chand balis. Women with heart-shaped faces are the blessed ones as they look good in any kind of earrings. Women with square shape face should go with some round shape earrings such as huggie earrings or hoop earrings. For a casual look or laid back times, stud earrings can be the one to count your trust on. Another sensation type of earrings is oxidised earrings. Well, this not the type of style but the material out of which they are made. The rough and tough appearance makes them versatile enough to wear them with any kind of outfit and at just any occasion. 

As now you have all the information on the types of earrings and on which face type they would look good, you can easily select your favourite from the store of Cippele at an affordable price. So, hop in and start stealing the oomph!